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As advancements in video tech such as HTML5 streaming and H.265 encoding become more commonplace, a business's web presence has come to depend on a network of video content to stay visible and relevant in the online world.


People expect video demonstration of products, recorded testimonials and visual study of potential services from their home. They prefer businesses that provide the tools for them to do this, because it saves their time and resources. Plus, it gives them a chance to share their findings.


This is where we come in.

Media272 has been shooting industry video nationwide since 2006

Through careful experimentation, we've devised shooting routines, scripts, voice-overs, and supporting music that are targeted and influential.

Tested, Effective content

Designed to facilitate long-term growth


When you invest in a relationship with us, we'll develop a long-term strategy with you to dominate your local market.


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